Why This Site?

I own a lot of screenwriting books dealing with screenplay formatting. Some of them dedicate a chapter to formatting, but focus primarily on screenplay writing. Others are entire books written exclusively for the art of screenplay formatting.

If these books have anything in common, it is that they have very little in common.

Few of them seem to agree on even the simplest of details.

When I was a beginning screenwriter, I turned to these books often and became frustrated trying to figure out who was right and who was wrong. Over time I came to realize all of them were written by professionals in the industry, and that, for the most part, they were probably all right.

I put together this site as a means to pull from lots of various authorities on the subject of screenplay formatting, and give you a clear, exhaustive, and correct way to do it all, from one source, free of charge.

There will be lots of people who peruse the site and see a formatting suggestion they do not agree with. That's fine. I never claim this site is the ONLY way to do it, but if you follow the formatting guidelines as outlined on this site, you certainly won't have to worry about your spec screenplay being tossed by a reader for improper formatting