I only accept clients who (1) have ideas I think have potential and (2) can show that they have above-average writing ability to start with. Aside from that, I require my clients to keep an open mind. With my guidance, their original ideas often morph into something different. I want clients who are open to change.

Also, I only accept 10 clients per month.

So, I vet my clients before I agree to help them develop their projects.

Needless to say, if you’ve piqued my interest, you already have a lot to be proud of.

Follow the directions below to see if you make the cut.

EMAIL ME and let me know you are interested. In the email send:

  • Your logline.
  • A brief synopsis of your idea (one or two paragraphs).
  • A few screenplay pages (as a .pdf) of something you’ve written. (If you’ve never written a screenplay, then send me a few pages of something in screenplay form you’ve made up on the spot).

Wait to hear back from me.

If you don’t hear back from me within a week, you probably won’t hear back from me at all. It simply means I’m not interested.

It’s not you, it’s me. (eye roll)

If you do hear back from me, proceed to Step 3.

Go to the PRICING PAGE and pay for your preferred plan. If you choose to work on the Two Month option, then you’ll be paying for the first month. After that, you can decide if you still need me for the actual writing.

Once your payment has processed, I’ll contact you via email and we’ll work out how we will proceed.

I’ll send you some documents to get you started.

We’ll also schedule our in-person phone calls and/or video chats.

Hopefully, together we’ll create something magical.