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Screenplay Analysis

  • For When You Have a FINISHED FIRST DRAFT
  • A Detailed Analysis of Your Screenplay
  • REAL Suggestions on How to Make your Screenplay BETTER
  • OPEN MIND REQUIRED! (They call it a First Draft for a Reason)
  • This is NOT a Coverage (Coverages are USELESS)
  • It'll take AT LEAST Two Weeks Before You Receive Your Analysis (I Take My Time with EVERY Screenplay I Read)

Two-Month Screenplay Development

$350 / month
  • One-on-one Guidance on How to Develop an Idea into a Feature-Length Screenplay
  • MONTH ONE: Step-by-step Walk-through of How to Outline Your Script - From Logline, to Beatsheet, to a Scene-by-Scene Treatment
  • MONTH TWO: The Actual Writing - You'll Write Your Script One Scene at a Time, One Act at a Time - Roughly 25% of the Script Per Week
  • We'll Brainstorm Your Screenplay Together - Expect to Change Direction More Then Once
  • We'll Talk on the Phone of Via Zoom Meeting at least ONCE A WEEK.
  • Pay for the First Month, then YOU DECIDE if You Need Me for the Next Month